Warren G. Roberts Redbud Collection

The Warren G. Roberts Redbud Collection is a grove of Western redbud, small multi-trunked trees that produce clouds of magenta-pink blossoms in early spring. Redbud is native to the California foothills and is an important plant to Native Californians, who harvest young shoots for basketry.

T. Elliot Weier Redwood Grove

The T. Elliot Weier Redwood Grove is one of the largest collections of coast redwood trees outside their native range, along with understory plants from the redwood forest. The tall trees create a shady, silent, cathedral-like atmosphere just a few minutes’ walk from central campus.

Peter J. Shields Oak Grove

More than 80 kinds of oaks are found in the Peter J. Shields Oak Grove, including a fine collection of oaks native to the western United States and many trees that are rare in cultivation. With its open vistas and wide sweeping lawns, the grove is a popular retreat for students and visitors.

Southwest U.S. and Mexican Collection

The Southwest U.S.A. and Mexican Collection includes trees, shrubs, and perennials adapted to heat and low rainfall. Many of these plants flower in summer, since they evolved with summer rains.

Eric E. Conn Acacia Grove

The Eric E. Conn Acacia Grove displays over 50 species of acacias from Australia, Africa, and the Americas. In early spring, visitors can walk through clouds of fragrant yellow blossoms amid meadows of native California bunchgrasses.