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On Tuesdays, UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden Superintendent Emeritus Warren Roberts joins Sacramento radio fixture Farmer Fred (Fred Hoffman) on his podcast "Garden Basics." On these shows Roberts discusses his "Plant of the Week" — a perennial, shrub or tree that is widely adaptable across the United States. (These episodes are listed below.) To listen to all the "Garden Basics" episodes and subscribe via a variety of podcast aggregators, click the link below.

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Episode Description
8.23.21 "Grape Growing Tips. Carrot Varieties. The Autumn Daffodil, Sternbergia."
8.16.21 "Cool Season Quick Maturing Vegetables. The Oleander. Pot Size Matters!"
8.9.21 "Summer Tomato Troubleshooting. The Naked Lady."
8.2.21 "Lavender. Crape Myrtle Tree. Harvesting and Storing Fruits and Vegetables."
7.26.21 "Droopy Cucumbers. Dahlias. Butterfly Bush."
7.19.21 "Mix Up Your Plants! Daylilies. Japanese Maples. Pine Needle Mulch."
7.12.21 "How to Grow Passion Fruit. The Golden Raintree."
7.5.21 "All About Smart Pots. The Asian Lotus Flower."
6.28.21 "Firescaping. Plant of the Week - Hydrangeas."
6.21.21 "Avocado Growing Tips. The Coral Yucca."
6.14.21 "Tips for Establishing Low Water-Use Plants. The Smoke Tree. Tart Cherries."
6.7.21 "Tomato Troubleshooter, 2021 pt. I. Feather Grass."

"Worm Castings. Poppies. Supermarket vs. Homegrown Nutrition."


"High Chill Apples for Low Chill Areas. Plant of the Week - Weigela."


"Is Fish Fertilizer Safe? The Buckeye Tree."


"Growing Sweet Potatoes. The Peruvian Lily."


"Ants in Pots. Rose History. Vacation vs. Your Garden."


"Grow Fig Trees From Cuttings. Protecting Plants From Heat. Zinnias. The Mock Orange Shrub."


"Okra Growing Tips. Thwarting Rose Diseases. The Beauty Bush."


"Tomato Transplanting Tips. Compost vs. Mulch."


"Potato Planting Pointers. Daphne."


"Drip Emitters vs. Micro Sprayers - Which is Better? Rototillers vs. Chipper/Shredders. Plant of the Week - the Redbud Tree."


"Hardy Palm Trees. Palm Transplanting Tips. Does Vitamin B-1 Help Your Plants?"


"Tips for Overheated Garden. Figs and Pomegranates. Shamrocks."


"Feed the Soil, Not the Plants. Snail, Slug Control Products Explained. Daffodils."


"Unusual Tasty Vegetables. Insectary Plants. Forsythia."


"Seed Starting Tips. Can You Reuse Potting Soil? Winter Jasmine."

2.15.21 "Tackling Tree Roots. Pruning Advice. Wintersweet. Garden Gratitude"
2.8.21 "Tomato Preview, Part 2. Wild Boar Farms. Plant of the Week: Cornelian Cherry."
2.1.21 "How to Plant a Rosebush. Why Cut Back Bare Root Trees? Plant of the Week: Holly."