Working at the Arboretum and Public Garden​

Join an organization whose purpose is to inspire human potential to help people and environments thrive!

What we do​

We steward the UC Davis campus grounds as a resource for encouraging our students and community members to become environmental leaders, a place where the public can learn about climate change and the importance of regionally appropriate landscaping, a location where visitors can informally explore the academic richness of UC Davis, and so much more

Our duties include:

  • Sustainable Landscape Design and Maintenance
  • Visitor and Community Engagement
  • Urban Forest Management
  • Irrigation Management 
  • Stormwater Management
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Natural Resource Conservation
  • Student Environmental Leadership Programs
  • Research Collaboration
  • Plant Curation and Conservation
  • Education and Outreach

Our value to the university

Be part of a dynamic team that is dedicated to creating a more sustainable outdoor environment for generations to come! By utilizing unique skills that combine large-scale, sustainable landscape maintenance practices, comprehensive horticultural knowledge and over 80 years of public engagement experience, we are responsible for transforming the campus grounds into an outdoor museum and living laboratory in support of the university’s extensive academic expertise and public service mission.

About our team culture

Our team culture is one of collaboration, innovation, and sustainability, making it a dynamic and inspiring place to work. Together we share the vision of creating a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable living museum that inspires, educates, and engages the community. Team members value open communication, mutual respect, continuous learning, and foster a supportive environment where everyone's contributions are recognized and celebrated.