Image of hummingbird grazing in a patch of California fuchsia in the UC Davis Hummingbird GATEway Garden.

Gardening for Pollinators

Why garden for pollinators?

  • Nearly all ecosystems on earth depend on the pollination of flowering plants for survival. 
  • Human population growth threatens wild creatures and a variety of plant species by shrinking their habitat. As native plants disappear, so do the pollinators.
  • Plants and pollinators have evolved together and depend on one another for survival. Placing native plants and other pollinator-supporting plants in the landscape helps support native pollinators.
  • Pollination is vital to our food supply. Many food crops require pollination to produce fruit. If we were to lose pollinators, we would lose 80-90% of all plants and 1/3 of our crop species.
  • Pollinators are an important food source for other animals, playing a key role in maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Hummingbird photos: Shakuntala Makhijani (on Flickr)

Brochures below created in partnership with local
University of California Master Gardeners