Cork Harvest Comes to UC Davis

On May 30, 2024, under the shade of the UC Davis Arboretum’s 80-plus-year-old cork oak grove, a rarely seen exhibition of cork harvesting took place. This traditional practice, unfamiliar to most Americans, involves the careful stripping of a cork oak’s outer bark without harming the tree.

Trees for Tomorrow

Thank you to all donors whose gifts supported the Trees for Tomorrow campaign!

We are grateful to everyone who gave during UC Davis' Give Day, the Sacramento region's Big Day of Giving, or at other times this spring. Over 180 contributors provided $73,000+ in funding, exceeding our goal!

Crack Discovered in Trunk of Iconic Campus Tree

The expansive Japanese Zelkova (Zelkova serrata), which has graced the banks of Lake Spafford in the UC Davis Arboretum since the 1960s, grew to serve as a popular gathering place for picnics, wildlife viewing, family photos and more until the recent discovery of a large crack in its trunk. Experts studying the issue determined it is in danger of breaking apart and poses a significant hazard.

Urban Forest Management Team

Our campus's urban forest management team leads a robust Campus Tree Renewal Program to maintain and expand the university's urban forest of over 16,000 trees. This team's goals are to keep our campus safe, beautiful, and always adaptive to the changing climate.

Tyler Kern: UC Davis' First Campus Urban Forester

Tyler Kern, the first UC Davis campus urban forester and part of the Arboretum and Public Garden team, is devoted to managing and maintaining the university's urban forest. As certified arborist, Kern has worked on numerous projects in his career aimed at supporting flourishing environments and is bringing his expertise back with him to Davis.