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UPDATE: IT’S NOT TOO LATE to plan for the Fall / Winter Season

October 26th, 2010

For all you local gardeners who may be feeling like you’ve missed the boat by not sowing your seeds yet for the Fall / Winter season; it’s not too late!  (Or, at least we hope so!)

Pat, our gardener (in the hat), takes a moment to speak with a journalist.  Note how she has cut back many of our garden perennials like chives and the ornamental society garlic to grow again during the Fall and Winter season.

Last week our gardener Pat worked hard on the “out with the old” chore of garden clean-up by pulling out any herbs unharvested by our enthusiastic community of gleaners!  (Thank you again to those who participated in our last herb harvest of the year!)  She also began prepping the soil by working in compost from our own Student Farm, along with a soil supplement we told you about last season called Earthworks Renovate/Plus.  For more information about this product check out our previous blog entry on the topic here.

This patch is where we grew our corn.  The spearmint patch in the foreground looks very happy doesn’t it?  It smells great too, but don’t forget to keep it pulled up and pruned back from areas where you don’t want it–mint likes to take over!

It is looking rather barren out there now.  It’s times like these when there’s hope in the air…as in, I hope something grows from all those seeds of lettuce, chard, kale, beets, etc. we’ll be planting this week!

What’s going on with your garden so far this season?


MINT: Why is it everywhere?

April 1st, 2010

At the UC Davis Good Life Garden, our gardener Arlene knows that it is important to keep mint, corralled because before you know it, it’s everywhere! The smallest bits, if not completely pulled out by its roots (and there are a LOT of roots) can spawn new plants behind your back!

It smells great and is an important ingredient in a variety of dishes from all over the world, not to mention its beneficial value in aromatherapy at helping to relieve stress and increase energy. Mint also serves as a beautiful, low-growing ground cover, but keep it pruned because, like Arlene mentions in the video below, it has a strong and prolific root system. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to keep some of our mint in a raised planter bed–we can keep a better eye on those sprawling branches!

It’s not just peppermint either! Here our garden supervisor Ed Nordstrom shows us how our spearmint has begun to invade our sage patch. In his opinion, left on its own, the spearmint would cover nearby Interstate 80! Sounds good to me!