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Why have a vegetable garden in a park?

This is an abridged article written by Peg Smith from “The Yolo Gardener” Spring 2010 Newsletter–a quarterly publication by the UC Yolo County Master Gardeners. Thank you Peg for this great information!  To read the full article, visit their website here.

Curious about what vegetables can be planted at this time of year? A visit to the Central Park Gardens vegetable bed will help you make your choices and evaluate new ways of doing things. The vegetable garden is an oval at the north end of Central Park Gardens (corner of Third and B Streets, Davis) divided into four beds.

A year round plan for vegetable rotation has been developed so at any time of the year something is being planted, is growing, or is being harvested. All produce grown at Central Park is donated to the Davis Community Meals program.

This bed was planted in November of 2010 and is now being harvested. Broccoli, cabbage and kale (brassicas) were the demonstration winter crops this year. Onions are interspersed between the plantings.


This bed was planted in October 2010 with samples of “green manure,” or cover crops. Included are annual rye, crimson clover, vetch and fava beans. Clover, vetch and fava beans are nitrogen fixing plants that improve the health of the soil. These cover crops will be chopped and turned into the soil or added to our compost.


Yolo County winter grain crops. Looking at a field while traveling along the road, it is hard to tell what grain crop is in a field. Currently in the vegetable garden there are samples of hard white wheat, hard red wheat, durham wheat, triticale, barley and oats. This allows our garden visitors a closer look at Yolo County crops so they can easily see the difference between oats and wheat .


This bed has recently been planted with late winter crops, including beets, cabbage, chard, leeks, spinach and carrots.

Workshops at the garden once a month. Please check for a complete schedule. All are welcome, from beginners to advanced, at our outdoor garden classroom.


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