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Blog Recommendation Monday: IN MY KITCHEN GARDEN

Today we bring you a very interesting blog from “Farmgirl Susan” who writes the delightful blog, “In My Kitchen Garden: The Sporadic Garden Journal of a Lousy Record Keeper.” Isn’t that a great title? She really isn’t lousy at all either! She has been writing this blog since 2006!

Susan gave up a small bakery cafe in California to write about 2 blog articles a month about a girl with no farming or gardening background wingin’ it on a farm in Missouri. She has a storytellers description of her garden, her animals, the welcome and not-so-welcome insects, and all of their daily interactions on her farm. Her blog offers great, close up photos that show how mesmerizing nature’s natural beauty can be, and in cased you missed what the photo was focusing on she starts almost every blog with “Realization of the Day.”

Well Farmgirl Susan, on this Monday, our Realization of the Day is that your blog is awesome!

Take a look at some of her photos and headlines that we think you will all enjoy reading more!

This photo is from her “How to Transplant Sweet Pepper Seedlings, The Extended Verison”

And this one is from “How to Attract Pollinators to Your Kitchen Garden”
To see more click on the link:

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