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Download Our Self-Guided Walking Tour

Green thumbs, brown thumbs or in between thumbs–the self-guided walking tour of the UC Davis Good Life Garden by its gardener, Arlene Kennedy, is sure to entertain. You can download the .pdf file by clicking here.

Here’s a taste of the introduction:

“Robert Mondavi’s Harvests of Joy tells about the value of living the ‘good life.’ The Good Life Garden reflects this idea. It’s all about taking time out to grow, prepare and enjoy fresh food, fine wine (and beer!) because this contributes to a better and more healthful life.”

Arlene’s insights go on to inform participants about our crops, how they were selected, organic gardening tips, and interesting stories of its growth, or lack there of in certain cases! She answers the many, “Why’d they do that?” questions that one may have when strolling through the garden, but, should you still have a question about the garden, please let us know by emailing it to:

We encourage you to take the tour! It is rather long, so break it up into various visits, but do so soon because it will only be applicable for the next month or so as we are now planning for our fall/winter crops.

Keep up to date! Sign up for the UC Davis Good Life Garden newsletter on the home page of our website for the latest information on all the “Growings-On” in our garden!


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